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Arrowpoint is a rails shooter. Play as a cowboy seeking to make a name for himself. Ride your horse through the desert valley and hit progressively more challenging targets. Seek out the rumored beast which wanders the plains and defeat it.


Spotted Zebra Software is a one-person game company in Seattle Washington, USA. It’s most recent larger title was Tumblestone. The company was founded by, me, Alex Schearer. I worked at Microsoft for a while then left to make games. When not game making I help organize for Seattle Indies.


After spending several years developing Tumblestone I was looking for something fun, new, and short to work on before starting my next larger project. As luck would have it, an article floated through my office which spun a tale of simple games launching on Steam. Inspired, a number of us set out to make a game-a-week and publish them to Steam. One week to design, develop, and publish a game! Arrowpoint is my second entry in this endeavor.


Unity, the Unity Asset Store, crunching like crazy, 10-years of game development experience, many pots of coffee and tea, the amazing support of my wife, and the excellent help of my officemates.

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